« Philippe Pasqua, ou la rage de vivre et de créer. » Cyr Mald

Philippe Pasqua, born in Grasse in 1965, is an autodidact artist-painter and sculptor. He gained an interest in photography from a very young age which allows him today to capture intense looks and powerful emotions. This passion for photography will eventually lead him to paintings. The voodoo and the fetish marked the beginning of his career. Leaving place to the portraits, nudes and vanity. Some interactions and connections with Lucien Freud as well as Francis Bacon can be felt in Philippe Pasqua’s paintings. All of them would paint the most vulnerable things: living nude bodies and portraits. Being inspired is far from copying, but a way to nourish what has already been done.

Philippe Pasqua is a painter that is shaken by the will to paint subjects that are often forgotten, overshadowed, as they are considered different and disturbing. By putting forward these themes (trisomy, blindness, transsexuality…), Philippe wants to demonstrate the strength and the fascinating sensitivity that emerges from these subjects.

One of the main characteristics of the artist is the thickness of his paintings, an organic material created by the layers of paint. Philippe reworks his paintings and continuously adds traces of paint. Thus, the painting accumulates a certain complexity. Expressions arise and emotions break through the canvas.