Philippe Pasqua’s new exhibition in The Storage, enlightens some of his original paintings inspired by strong and disturbing themes and (collected by the famous figures of the art world, José Mugrabi) associated with his new reasonably monumental sculptures.

Philippe Pasqua has for a while painted strong themes provoking an emotional dynamic, such as the “Operating Theatre” series. Featuring anesthetized patients undergoing transgender surgeries. His inspiration further leads him to the will of painting portraits, without diverting from the reality thanks to the expressive strength of colors. He goes far beyond the physical representation, he seeks for emotions in the individual via various harsh themes: transgenders (“Caphi”), Trisomy (“Arnaud”, “Laura”, “Camille”). Other portraits, leave us with more lightness and softness. In a more optimistic context, they do not only represent the human being suffering, they also represent their freedom or simply the lightness of man-kind.

By choosing these themes and the mix of colors, his canvases exhibit an emotional strength, explosive and intense that cannot leave one indifferent.

Philippe Pasqua allows us travel through his work and makes us rediscover the technical mastery of his art.